We Buy Amarillo Houses | Cold Weather Busted Pipes!

Only in Amarillo Texas can the weather go from 82 degrees on Monday to 14 degrees on Tuesday! This most recent cold front was one of the worst I’ve ever seen this early in November. When cold weather hits it brings two big problems. Frozen water lines and dangerous heaters.
Every winter we buy Amarillo houses that have frozen pipes. Sometimes these houses are vacant but other times they are occupied. People don’t realize how susceptible old pipes are to cold weather. We also buy many houses that have fire damage. Older floor furnaces and wall heaters can be very dangerous. Even older central heat furnaces can be very dangerous.
If you have a house that is not ready for cold weather give us a call. We can buy your house as is so you don’t have to worry about replacing water lines and heaters! Call us today at 806-359-7653 or visit us online at We Buy Amarillo Houses.