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Your Home Has 3 Values | We Buy Amarillo Houses | Sell Your House Fast

What’s my house worth? That’s actually a tricky question because there are so many variables that need to be considered. Most of the time people talk about things like condition, floor plan, and curb appeal. They forget what I think is probably the most important thing to consider which is

Should you rent or buy? | We Buy Amarillo Houses | 806-359-7653

This is a question we get on a weekly basis. Usually it goes something like this… “I just got back on my feet from my divorce and I want to buy a house. I don’t want to throw money down the drain renting!” Now before I give you my two

We Need to Buy 2 More Houses! | 806-359-7653

I need to buy two houses before the end of the year! I pay $1,000 referral fees so if you know of someone who needs to sell their house fast or that needs to sell a house that needs work let me know! This year has been a great year

We DON’T buy this kind of house | Amarillo Real Estate Investors

Every time the phone rings and someone tells me about a house that they need to sell I want to buy it.  But I can’t buy them all.  I always talk about the kind of houses that we buy.  We buy in just about any area and any price range. 

We Buy Amarillo Houses | Cold Weather Busted Pipes!

Only in Amarillo Texas can the weather go from 82 degrees on Monday to 14 degrees on Tuesday! This most recent cold front was one of the worst I’ve ever seen this early in November. When cold weather hits it brings two big problems. Frozen water lines and dangerous heaters.