We DON’T buy this kind of house | Amarillo Real Estate Investors

Every time the phone rings and someone tells me about a house that they need to sell I want to buy it.  But I can’t buy them all.  I always talk about the kind of houses that we buy.  We buy in just about any area and any price range.  But there are some houses that we just can’t buy.

Newer Double wide trailers are hard to buy.  Unlike site-built houses, manufactured homes depreciate after you buy them.  Most of the time home owners just owe way too much for us to be able to buy them.  So we list them instead.

Out of town properties are also hard to buy.  We buy Amarillo, Canyon, and Bushland houses.  We do not buy in the smaller surrounding towns.  We know of a few people who will buy in these areas and we just refer home owners to them.

Meth houses.  We don’t buy them.  They are such a health hazard that we will not send our crews in to work on them.

Condemned houses in a really bad area.  Some houses are in such bad condition that they can’t be saved.  It just costs more to fix up the house than the house will resell for.

Even if you have house a that fits one of these descriptions you should call me.  I will still try to help point you in the right direction.  Call me today at 806-359-7653 or visit my website at We Buy Amarillo Houses.

Wade Mitchell